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More often than not institutional recognition of authority or a horde of followers in tow is construed as a mark of a leader – a hackneyed and liberal interpretation. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Leadership quality is not a summation of just a few skills and behavioural traits; exemplary and inspiring role model behaviour exhibited according to the need of the moment most comprehensively demonstrates leadership skills.

Individuals, who relentlessly and faithfully pursue self interrogation, labour unceasingly to lift themselves above the ordinary earn respect and become inspiring and role model leaders.

The way we conduct ourselves is the way others perceive us and interpret about us, our background, our values, culture, education, family, our institution and our upbringing. It is fashionable to blame our circumstances, our fate, our government, our organisation, our parents  and many others when the tide is against us. However, a profound point to be noted is that while we may not be responsible for being down we must be responsible for getting up and take ownership of our behaviour instead of playing the victim.

Each of us has an incredible amount of input into creating ourselves – some of us who chose to do so rise above others.

- Vineet R Bhatt

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What’s In Here

Inspired by some extraordinary leadership and exasperated by horribly uninspiring ones; energised by vibrantly positive climate and dispirited by staggeringly negative ones; encouraged by pleasantly good fortune and challenged by heartbreaking adversity I have learnt priceless hard lessons that have shaped my thinking about role model leadership and the need for personal virtuosity.

Titles without leadership abound and so does unaccountable leadership that has profound life altering impact and hence the need to relentlessly introspect and mercilessly interrogate oneself.

Articles herein are based on real life behaviour on display all around us every day, every moment. The  articles are crafted on the underlying premise that while earning wealth and acquiring position may not entirely be in your hands making yourself a good human being certainly is.

Many of the topics may appear as old hat but they are such a stark reality that their practice cannot be ignored if one wants to get better. The purpose of such topics is to serve as reminders and the attempt is to provide a new perspective to certain age old observations – for example we have always been made to believe that managing time is the key to productivity but how about managing yourself in a certain period of time rather than managing time?

Topics under the category ‘Introspection’ are meant for self interrogation and introspection – whether we have those essential elements in us to become a better human being and an exemplary leader.

There are some short stories too for recreational reading and enjoyment but essentially depicting realities of life with good lessons to learn.

About Me

I, Vineet R Bhatt, am an engineer and an MBA with two and a half decades of experience in large and small private sector manufacturing and IT companies. I have worked in a variety of functions viz. Learning and Development for senior leaders, Alliance Relationship, Resource Management, Quality Consulting, implementing and auditing Quality Management systems and Marketing and Sales of industrial products.

Having observed a vast spectrum of human behaviour in leadership and managerial roles, in corporate and social life, from close and having deeply reflected upon them gives me a good advantage to articulate about them and share my learning. My passion for writing has spurred me to present my impressions in the form of articles and stories in my blog site; articles and stories that communicate the traits required to catapult one to greatness by developing exemplary leadership skills starting with the self and leading by example.

Drawing from my immense resource of experience and skill developed over time I have provided consultation to several senior management personnel and have trained and coached them to improve their leadership skills in the organisations I have worked.

Leadership to me is all about being a role model to inspire others; enabling them to realise their potential and help them leave behind a legacy worth remembering. I strongly believe that each of us is destined for greatness; it’s just a matter of finding our place and grabbing the opportunity that comes our way.

Health, family and character are my priorities in life. I enjoy reading, writing and reflecting.

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